chromite is the mineral that have leading chrome principle. this mineral is according to spinel group that chemical froum is FeCr2O4 thats for spccial chromite and Mg,Fe(Cr,Al)2O4 is for chromo pickret. In this minerals grade is Cr2O3 it changes in a bi bounds (from 18+O 62 precent) and except main oxides of up, this minerals maybe have some impurities

e.g.Tio2, Vo2, Mno2, Zno2, Nio, CoO

Chriiteiral icrystallizd in cubicsystean rystal struare of that i liknthoronral is blakan the colo of thehol is band the polish is semi-mtal. hardnss of chromite is from 5/5 to 7/5 andspeccial weight of that is deponded on chenging chemical froum from 1/5 to 6/3 g/cm3

chrmites have some Feo and Fe2o3, that have magnetic property

In the below there are some tests on chromite that’s prouduced by Zimakohan company


Manganese is a chemical prineiple with 65 atomic number and the symbol is Mn

This principle is in the forth course of periodic table and is n the group of mediator metals. manganese cannot be find in the nuture easiy and it usually is next ti Iron

The color of that is grey and its thhard taanso breakable that melts har ut xidation easily

Manganese metal will be anti – magnetc after  proccssing

complete chamyes of manganese oxidation are +6 , +4 , +3 , +2 , +7

All though the changes of oxidation are seen from +7, +1

The hardness of this principle is 6

In the below there are some tests on manganese that’s prouduced by Zimakohan company


Iron is a chemical prineiple that in periodic table is shown Fe and atomic number 26 . Iron is a metal that is in the group 8 and fourth course of periodic table

Usually changes of Iron oxidation are

Fros change Fe+2

Freak chang Fe+3

Frill chang Fe+4

that have some special anzimes. 4_VI change is famous altough it is scarce. himotit with Fe2o3 froum is from solotion mineral in clyridrie aeid combined with water and it will cleaned by clyridrie aeid

Crystal structure: scales , craing , mass , nodular , radial


Color: brown , red , grey , blackGlassiness: semi – glassy to turbid

Breakage: shelly

Polish: metal to mat

Ceavage: non

Crystallization system: ramboedxic and its in the rank of oxide

Source of forming : magma and hydro thermal

Hardness: 1/5 to 6

Special weight : 2/5 , 3/5

Magnetit (Fe3o4):is

Shape of crystal : octaedering

Color : black


Glassiness : txrbid

Breakage : shelly

Polish: metal , mat , oily

Cleavage: defective , contorming with level

Crystallization syste: cubic and in the rank of oxid and it has stronge magnetic property

Source of forming : magma -divergence , vicinity divergence and hydrothermal

Hardness : 5/5

Special weight :5/2

In the below there are some tests on Iron that prouduced by Zimakohan company